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Medical Marijuana Popularity is Booming

Okay. That’s not new information, but what was not expected is that the medical cannabis would continue going this far, especially with recreational marijuana being legalized in various U.S. states.

Seeing that even though there is an adult market for people who are into using cannabis recreationally, there are still thousands of U.S. residents who opt for medical marijuana. This debunks the myth that medical marijuana patients are actually stone heads who are just looking for a legal way to consume cannabis.

Medical marijuana industry keeps growing and more and more people want in. In 2019, the hemp industry is going to receive billions in subsidy to operate. Yes, as it seems, president Trump recently legalized hemp-derived products to be cultivated and transferred all over the country.

By signing the $867 billion farm bill, CBD products automatically became legal for purchase and sales in the U.S. The non-psychoactive marijuana compound is widely used for treating many conditions such as anxiety, pain, epilepsy, and many others.

Having CBD legalized is going to make things easier for all medical marijuana patients who use CBD as a treatment. This will be especially good for the parents of children who suffer from epilepsy and needed to cross borders to purchase CBD-based products.

In fact, you can purchase CBD online without worrying any federal retaliation. Not to mention that last year FDA approved a CBD-based medication called Epidiolex that’s used to treat two of the rarest epilepsy syndromes.

Now that CBD is legalized in the entire country, it makes it easier for the pharmaceutical industry to start making more cannabis-based products as well. Not that all of them want in, of course. It’s not a big secret that pharmaceutical lobbyists have tried to stop marijuana legalization.

It seems that we are just some steps away from having cannabis fully legalized federally. Not that the federal law actually stopped the states from legalizing marijuana though. It is expected that independently if the government legalize cannabis, we will have about half of the U.S. states with legal cannabis by 2022.

Getting a medical marijuana treatment is becoming more accessible and the states medical marijuana programs keep expanding and improving in order to accept more patients on their program.

NY medical marijuana program was a program that initially struggled with the lack of patients applying for the program. But the governor Andrew Cuomo easily discovered he would need to expand the program to fit more patients, and so he did. After legislators added chronic pain and PTSD to the state’s program, thousands of residents applied for the program.

Nowadays, the NY medical marijuana program that initially struggled with the small number of residents applying, has almost 100 thousand patients.

And this is a trend not only in New York, but many other state’s programs have had some problems with lack of applicants, which they all solved making the medical marijuana less restrictive.

In fact, according to a study published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence, the mentality of the adults in the U.S. about marijuana seems to be changing. More than 17,600 adults who were 50 years old or over were examined for this study.

Results of this study have shown that 9% of adults from 50 to 64 years old have consumed marijuana in 2017, and 55% of adults over 50 having tried cannabis once in their lives. Maybe it was because they were familiar with the drug back in the days, maybe it’s because they’re changing their minds.

It seems that the stigma around medical marijuana is finally changing. All there’s left to do is sit and wait while more states legalize cannabis nationwide.

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